Team members: Harold Ascott, Dee'laan Gad'wa-heega, Loren Nik, Melisaande, and Aierobu.

Report filed by Major Gen. Gad'wa-heega:
Warning Contents of this report may be disturbing.

Upon entering the VSD Malice, a sense that something very dark was on board this ship and the closer we got to our mission target, the Infirmary, the stronger the feeling grew. Once the door was opened and the holo-vid recorders turned on, our discoveries would only get more and more bizarre and disturbing.

The room was only sparsely lit due to the lighting fixtures hanging askew, having been torn from their housings. Blood had been sprayed everywhere and we soon discovered the first abomination. A severed head whose mouth kept opening in a silent scream as connected by wires to a MSE-6 droid. Loren pulled out his ion gun but the MSE-6 was exceptionally quick. After a second shot, the droid was subdued. I pulled the skill card and found it was programmed with Dodge. The 3 droid engineers in the team agreed this was weird as it is not an off the shelf skill for this type of droid. The head stopped its unnerving motions once the droid was shut down.

Shortly after a 2-1B medical droid approached us, hypo out, targeting me thinking that I needed a sedative. Harold and Loren were able to disable the droid and Harold found that it had 2 layers of programming but unfortunately the secondary programming erased itself once it was tampered with.

A bumping noise could be heard in the room and we started to investigate the cupboards in the room. Another warped, gruesome discovery awaited us. Again a MSE-6 was connected to body parts; this time a set of lungs, trachea and vocal cords which kept repeating phrases. As before the droid was disabled and found to have Bureaucracy as it's skill.

Moving to the next cupboard, this time we could not get the door opened and Mel with Aierobu and Loren's help pulled the door open. Inside was a person we can only assume may have been a med tech but all he could say was to not hurt him. He was wearing only skivvies and was covered in blood due to the numerous surgical cuts all over his body as if someone was trying to flay him. It was very apparent that he had been traumatised
and was hysterical. With multiple medics and doctors in the group, we treated him and chose to sedate him and keep him sedated.

The last bumping noise was discovered. This time the MSE was not attached to any thing but it did have explosives in it. The door to the cupboard was closed and no one was harmed when the droid blew up.

Exploring the rest of the room uncovered some supplies and a lot med packs that should have been listed as expired but had been re-certified for use. All of the bacta gel in them had gone bad and the only useful things were the bandages. Then we found some computer terminals and Harold set to work. It took some time and a lot of effort for Harold to access and get the information off to the computer. The rest of us discovered at a scomp link that was moving on its own, some kind of spider like droid that was affecting Harold's ability to finish his work. It was destroyed but we did collect what little was left.

Noise could be heard in the hallway where we entered from; troopers were coming. Harold sealed the door and we proceeded into the next room through bloodied doors with footprints leading into it. Another gruesome discovery awaited us.

Hanging from the ceiling lights were 6 mutalated bodies that had been dead approximately 12 hours. One was headless, likely belonging to the silent screaming head in the other room and one missing lungs. Each had been defiled in many ways. Aierobu started to take one of the bodies down so we could examine it and to consider giving these dismembered persons a more respectful funeral when as the body hit the floor, it activated a grenade in its arm. Aierobu and Mel were very close and Aierobu threw himself on Mel to protect her from the blast. Luckily they were not harmed but the explosion started the other bodies swinging.

Now we noticed that each of the remaining bodies had grenades in them. There was nothing to do but to set off the grenades from a safe distance so no one else would be harmed. It was a final insult to these poor souls.

We knew our time was short and we needed to make our way to the exit location. For a while we were able to follow the 4 sets of bloody footprints, but then they split off in mulitple directions and we needed to go a different direction if we were to leave with the rest.

After all that we saw, it seems that experiments were going on in these rooms to see how much a person could stand, how much could be endured and then see what could be done with by powering the parts with a droid. Hopefully one of the other teams might have an answer to who made these footprints, who were responsible for these inhumane, warped and heinous experiments.

We did carry along the tortured, injured person we found alive. It was decided to keep him unconscious and let the doctors and psychologists back with the fleet help him out. He has a long difficult recovery ahead of him, whoever he is.

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