Infirmary (Elbaz Station)

Location: Elbaz Station, C-Ward, Deck 50. (Just off the Habitat Ring)
Available: Sparks 156 - Mystery at Elbaz Station.
Chief Medical Officer: Dr. Antonalius K'gola
Description: Another small hallway off the Habitat Ring leads to the station’s infirmary. The reception area features a glass wall that looks into the office of the medical officer on duty. To the left is the main infirmary, separated from the entryway by a pair of glass double doors. The infirmary has a dozen beds with various diagnostic and medical devices neatly arranged on the wall. Several displays and readouts stand ready to report the most intimate details of their occupants, and medical droids hover about. Beyond the infirmary is a long white corridor. The first door on your left leads to the surgical bay; the door is normally locked and the chamber beyond is a sterile area. Opposite the surgical bay is the intensive care unit, where a half dozen bacta tanks stand ready to receive the most tenuous patients. Further down the corridor are the staff’s break room and a laboratory. At the end of the corridor is another pair of heavy duty doors; a sign states that the morgue lies beyond.

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