Instinctive Astrogation

Instinctive Astrogation
Sense Difficulty
spaceM (15) – modified by Astrogation Difficulty
Astrogation DifficultyspaceDifficulty Modifier
Very Easyspace space space+ 0
Easyspace space space spac+ 0
Moderatespace space spaces+ 0
Difficultspace space space sp+ 5
Very Difficultspace space spa+ 10
Heroicspace space space spa+ 15
Required PowersMagnify Senses
Effect – This is the more well known ability of the Force-users to calculate astrogation routes without the use of a nav computer. The Force-user uses his Sense skill to "feel" through the myriad hyperspace routes to determine the safest path.
If the Force-user succeeds at charting the course, the Force-user needs only make an Easy (10) Astrogation total to plot the safe path. If the Force-user fails the roll, the Astrogation difficulty is automatically Very difficult (25); if the roll is missed by more than five points increase the difficulty to Heroic (30).
Located – Tales of the Jedi Companion Sourcebook p.48-49

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