Intelligence On The Butcher Of Navhiba

A datapad once activated begins with a mechanical (likely a droid) sounding voice.

Obviously I have received your request and am glad to assist you in any way that I can. I have heard about your missing friend. Tracking back someone from over one year ago can be a rather difficult task, especially through the channels said individual potentially may have passed through.
Within you will find information that should assist you in your search. I do not believe that the information provided will be what you expected. It seems that your friend has garnered himself quite a bit of attention. Whatever you plan to do I would not send you by yourself. I will be interested to hear how this all turns out. Good luck to you and your team. You may need it.“

Imperial Report #542-986-6523
To: Imperial Ubiqtorate High Command
From: Colonel Arvin Trask
Authorization Code: AP – 1269 – HSF - 865
Mission Location: Shiva, both space and planet side
Status: Completed - Success
“Upon spreading disinformation through secured terrorist cells and personnel we were able to present an opportunity to the Crucible Cell terrorists to strike at Shiva. We presented ourselves as pulling back for protection over the moon of Yavin but instead waited a short hyperspace jump away ready to spring the trap and wipe out the fleet of these terrorists …” <the file then goes extensively into detail about the exact maneuvers both planned and executed with additional recommendations of what should have been done – though there are very few divergences from what he had planned originally in both the ground as well as space combat. This goes on for many, many pages …you quickly grow tired of this until you find the section that you are looking for …>
“As to target assets acquired we have taken many of the local guerillas as well as a single bothan. The bothan is suspected of being a jedi as he was wielding a lightsaber with particular precision but the new team members compiled by Moff Hammond – call sign for this operation Alpha Squadron – proved extremely effective in the target’s non-lethal detention. The target was, as instructed, transfer into the possession of Inquisitor Raddich.”
<In depth tactical analysis is given about recommendations, deployment, troop assignment, etc. Again of note you are able to find the below nugget …>
“ … as to the supposed escape of the terrorists we knew that through attrition some would be able to escape and have since tracked their movements through various spaceports through their BOSS registration we scanned during the space battle. Following these routes may lead us to draw closer and closer in to our enemy …”
“Final recommendations are for emeritus reward and honors to be presented through duty and action to the men of Alpha Squadron. Advancement and additional responsibilities should also be immediately extended to Moff Hammond’s new squadron.”

A Selected Series of High Level Internal Imperial Communications

Communiqué #596-653
$&%()&^#nINC*^)P)*$#@ **** <Encryption Decoding starts>

To: Inquisitor Raddich
From: General Trask
Subject: Prisoner 36972 and hunter team 73

It has come to my attention that the two hunters that visited and interrogated this prisoner are no longer operating as Imperial operatives. Should they return they are to be apprehended, the Emperor himself wishes to interrogate them.
As for Prisoner 36972, I have plans for him. I will be arriving in one standard month, please have him fit for surgery.

General Trask

<Encryption Decoding ends> **** 9(#$&16hfas98

Communiqué #623-724
$&%()&^#nINC*^)P)*$#@ **** <Encryption Decoding starts>

To: General Trask
From: Inquisitor Raddich
Subject: RE: Prisoner 36972 and hunter team 73

We will keep a look out for the rogue hunter team. Should we cross paths again my team will take them down. In regards to Prisoner 36972, we have stopped the interrogations and have started to strengthen him so that he will survive a surgery. So far he is responding well, but his temperament has begun to turn as well. I have posted extra guards.

Inquisitor Raddich

<Encryption Decoding ends> **** 9(#$&16hfas98

Communiqué #658-804
$&%()&^#nINC*^)P)*$#@ **** <Encryption Decoding starts>

To: General Trask
From: Inquisitor Raddich
Subject: Prisoner 36972 Escaped

It is my duty to inform you that Prisoner 36972 has escaped from under my staffs’ custody. It has stolen a small supply shuttle, which was resupplying us; I believe it may be heading towards Navhiba. Several guards were injured in its escape, but no one was killed and the shuttle crew was not taken. Two fighters were damaged in its pursuit before it made the jump to light speed. The security holovids of the escape and details of the shuttle including transponder code follows.

Inquisitor Raddich

<Encryption Decoding ends> **** 9(#$&16hfas98

Escape Holovid

The image Imperial prison hallway appears before you clearly from the security feeds at the specified location of the Imperial Class Victory Destroyer M’Rath is being held at. The hallway is empty and not worth any great note until you witnesses an imperial body through an open cell doorway. A familiar bothan moves quickly out of the same door and lands a hard kick into the guards mid section and flips him back into the cell. The figure charges the hallway and around a corner away from the view of this camera. Before the scene cuts away you see two more bodies fly by from the direction he was heading. The bodies are no longer moving.
The view then cuts to a supply hangar, from the same ship, alarms are now blaring and warning lights rotating. I barely notice a hidden figure approaching a contingent of 1/ dozen armed and ready stormtroopers – the conflict becomes obvious though as immediately one falls from a unnoticed blow from our hero. As the troopers begins to react the bothan skirts through them, throwing them into one another, moving in a barely visual whirl between his enemies. A further contingent enters the hangar but then pulls back from the carnage before them.
It does not look like it is a good day to be an Imperial.
The bothan sprints into an open and prepped supply ship and shoots out of the closing mag field, doors barely missing the ship as they close.

Pertinent Holonet News Coverage from Navhiba

The voice returns,
“Obviously by the letter I have given you what you asked for – although I though this worthy of some additional resources. Therefore I believe these items may be of interest to you. You should be wise enough to separate the propaganda from the facts. “

The image of Mindy Salladay, lead field reporter of the Galactic News Network, wearing a formerly beautiful ball gown fills the room with a smoking decimated building behind her. The emblazoned image of GNN spins in one corner and updates run across the bottom of the screen. You see the date and recall being on Navhiba this day on an operation for the Rebellion.

“This is Mindy Salladay reporting with GNN on the planet of Navhiba. Here originally to cover the grand opening of one of the most decadent opera houses in the galaxy. This thing of beauty, a colossal work of art has been the target of a vicious terrorist attack!
As if this act of violence was not enough coupled with the many, many deaths, these terrorists have made it personal by kidnapping one of the Moff’s own aides! It is not known whether they have killed him yet or not!
This reporter also has an inside source who has, under the condition of anonymity, exclusively let me know that the Imperials believe that a rouge jedi is leading this band of killers, kidnappers, and terrorists. Unofficially the mastermind of these lawbreakers has been named The Butcher of Navhiba! I will continue to stay on location and report when more details become evident.”
As she is about to sign off the camera is spun away towards the waterfront near the opera house and the holovid struggles to focus out to a large structure far out – you are able to make a series of large explosions on what you are able to determine is the Imperial Aquatic Garrison. The base quickly begins to sink as it is lunged to one side and begins taking in water.
Mindy’s voice break in again, “My goodness! It looks like the terrorists have struck again! If the garrison is not safe – where is? Truly these terrorists are heartless savages! We will report more when we have additional information about this further tragedy.”

After this news clip ends you see the image change to that of Mindy Salladay once again but now she stands before a destroyed building in a commercial area of downtown Navhiba.

“It appears that the Butcher of Navhiba and his band of terrorists have even begun to target, attack and wantonly kill loyal citizens of Navhiba as well. Here during the highpoint of evening at this former tavern was destroyed by an explosion and a single attacker. It is believed the Butcher targeted this location as it is adjacent to Navhiba’s Imperial Loyalty Center and a common place for the loyal citizens to spend time at after a long hard day. There were few survivors though it is believed that the Butcher of Navhiba is a bothan. A thorough description is not yet available.”

Holovid of Aquatic Base Destruction

The mechanical voice returns, “Though you did not request this I thought you may find this of interest. This is a copy of a highly classified Imperial file that may have some pertinence to your present inquiry. It took quite a few Imperial technicians to put this together but I feel that their work is acceptable as a basis for further inquiry.”

A reconstructed massive three dimensional holoimage of the aquatic Imperial base formerly on Navhiba appears before you. The camera then swings around the base – you find that there are images that overlap, and a few missing portions but the reconstruction is fairly good. The images must have been taken from multiple other sources outside of the base.
When the camera stops you see it jumpily zooming in on a small target. The figure becomes clearer and clearer as it gets closer but the details are still fairly hazy.

Your Thoughts as you view the image:
It appears to be humanoid in form …
Dark in coloration …
The edges on the image are not sharp, but appear to be in movement …
Is it a bothan …
It’s a bothan alright and a soggy one at that <your nose wrinkles because you know that has to smell terribly> …
Could it M’Rath?
No, the coloration is not quite right …
But it could be something …

The voice returns again,
“I do not believe that this is your target though I do believe I have been able to identify this individual for you and from what I understand he is a person of interest you may wish to speak to about your friend. I have arranged a meeting for you with him but I guarantee nothing but your chance to speak with him. I would suggest reaching him once your team is planet-side <a comm. number is provided>.”

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