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Time Taken: One round to several hours or longer.
Specializations: Interrogation, bullying.

Intimidation is a character's ability to scare or frighten others to force them to obey commands, reveal information they wish to keep hidden, or otherwise do the bidding of the intimidating character.
Intimidation is normally dependent upon a character's physical presence, body language or force of will to be successful. Some characters use the threat of torture, pain or other unpleasantries to intimidate others.
Characters resist intimidation with the Willpower skill.

+5 or more to intimidator's roll: Intimidator is threatening target with physical violence (and is either armed or has
superior strength).
+10 or more to intimidator's roll: Intimidator is obviously much more powerful.
+15 or more to intimidator's roll: Target is totally at the mercy of intimidator.
+5 or more to the difficulty: Target has the advantage.
+10 or more to the difficulty: Target is in a position of greater strength.
+15 or more to the difficulty: Target cannot conceive of danger from intimidator.

In Sparks, the acting character will roll Intimidation resisted by the target’s Willpower. If the Willpower roll is higher there is no effect. If the Intimidation roll is higher, the target will suffer a -1D penalty for every 10 points the Intimidation roll beats the Willpower roll. The penalty applies to skill rolls only, and the penalty cannot reduce a skill below 1D. Attribute values and rolls are not affected.

Intimidation Greater
Than Willpower By SkillspacePenalty

1-10space space space space sp-1D
11-20space space space space s-2D
21-30space space space space s-3D
Every +10space space spacesAdditional -1D

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