Investigation On Vanga

Mission Objective: To find out more information about Youngston Townster.
Team: General Taylor Castel (Team leader), ChiChi Zzignut, Darrik, Sara Starsider, Master Kie.
Report: Team successfully arrived on the planet Vanga in the Fool's Folly. The first 3 days seemed to be quiet, we kept our covers and were carefully listening for openings to get further into position to find out more info on our target. Then General Castel recieved an urgent message from command ordering us to go to Tatooine immediately to assist Han Solo and Chewbacca with getting out of a very tough spot. The coding of the message checked out and we seemed to be the nearest team to them, so we made haste to Tatooine.
We arrived at the coordinates given and found Solo's ship parked in a docking bay with Solo and Chebacca running for the bay with pursuit coming behind. Our ships sensor's picked up that there were a number of entities hiding around the bay in wait for them, so we parked out ship hovering above Solo's. Master Kie went down to warn Solo and Chewbacca while I used the laser turret and ChiChi used the tractor beam to say "hello" to the people hiding in the bay. We managed to provide cover and turn the parked ship so as to assist the quick escape of those on the ground. It was about this time we noticed two star destroyers in orbit directly above us and multiple inbound tie fighters.
We fought our way out, and found that these ties seemed almost a little too easy to destroy. Solo notified us that he was just stopping by here and was suppose to be joining Princess Leia on a diplomatic mission on another planet, and if they knew about his stop here, then they must know about her mission as well.
So we went to the planet where the diplomatic mission was, and found that she had been intercepted and captured and was being held in an imperial outpost on the other side of the planet. The 'sensitive' types were commenting on odd pauses when they did things and there seemed to be a number of odd things that did not seem quite right.
Several theories were proposed, from some kind of force power being used on us, to being in some kind of VR computer. Several attempts were made to try to wake people out of whatever weirdness we were trapped in, to no avail. Finally the best idea we had was that we needed to try to succeed at whatever program was being run, and then maybe it would let us out.
Darrik seemed to take the entire trap very hard and went into some kind of trance on the ship, refusing to assist whatever it was that had us trapped here against our will.
Among oddities we noticed when testing our environment was that if we convinced ourselves of something first, then tried it, it would work. We acquired weapons and ChiChi started being able to fly and teleport around. General Castel even was able to teleport some, though she did not seem to enjoy it as much as ChiChi did.
With our new found strength of will, we were able to make it into the imperial facility and rescue the princess easily enough. Then we heard someone coming with a familiar breathing problem and ChiChi tried to get us all out after we activated the self destruct, but this time his teleport did not work quit right. There was a noise from the hall, then the approaching breathing noise dissapeared, then ChiChi was back with us. Just as we were about to try again, we heard an old voice say something to us, so I rolled the grenades from the guards at the entrance to the room and we blipped out.

We then awoke in a room strapped down in odd chairs hooked up to some kind of alien looking computer thing that was smoking slightly. We managed to free ourselves. Darrik ripped out the computer dome and through it through the door of the room. We went out of the room and found we were in a ship in the Vanga system, and it was on a collision course into the star with the controls dissconected and the escape pods launching themselves with no one else onboard the ship or the pods. There was not enough time to repair the controls before imminent incineration, so we ran to the cargo bay and discovered a shuttle parked there. We quickly fired it up and departed the ship. On leaving a holo-recording came up on the console with an image of Youngston Townster laughing at us and rambling on about our foolishness.

Mission Status: Failure?

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