Iraj Demolitions Team

Our Mission: To blow up the Imperial locations within the city walls and as many of the weapon emplacements on the city walls as possible.
Tools sent with: All explosives to be aquired locally.
Side goals: to blow a ship out of orbit with a ground based explosion

As planned, we went to Iraj as technitions contracted to work in the city. Chi-Chi was able to smuggle in a couple of small items with a dazzling juggling routine, so we were not completely weaponless once in the city. We then aquired a couple of other weapons from the local security on our way to meet our contact.
We met our contact and aquired all the industial grade detonite he had, detonators, and at Choth's suggestion several other materials to help with the explosions. We also recieved information as to the location of the known Imperial installations.
Then we spent some time gathering further information and materials. More items to help enhance the explosions, structural plans for the buildings involved, and also discovered that the Imperials were planning on having a USO show at the time when we were suppose to be blowing the Imperial sites.
Jynxie and team made the plans and prepared the charges for syncronized detonation of ALL the Imperial sites, weapon installations, and the USO show location.
We decided to place the explosives below the sites so as to minimize the chance of them being discovered before time. This involved installations in the conduit tunnels below some of the locations as well as the basements of the buildings that were being used as barracks and motorpool garages.
We had been requested to NOT blow up the normal Planetary communications building as it was needed by the Iraj people, so instead of explosives, we sent Choth for cleansing the building at the D time.
Then Jynxie, Chi-Chi, and Sara set up holorecorders around the city and on the top of the tallest building in the city that was not set to be demolished. We then supervised the explosions from the top of the same building.
The explosions were effective, destroying all the locations and blowing holes in the city walls beneath the gun emplacements, destroying them as well. HQ was reduced to smoking rubble and all the barrack buildings imploded quite nicely with added explosions from the vehicles in the garages under them. The USO show looked to be a real blast and even gave everyone nice fireworks for a while after the initial explosion.
The 3 supervision from the observation point raised glasses of champaign to honor the explosions.
Choth and his sub-team cleared out the Imperials in the planetary communications building with no problems.
Then the Team met back up, collected our stuff, and made for the starport to exit the planet as our work was done there (and after reviewing our mission orders we realized they did not seem to make arrangements in advance for our departure). We aquired a ride from the planet, and by the time we made it back to base we had recruited the ship and several of its crew to join the rebellion.

Mission Condition: All main objectives successfully completed. However, we were unsuccessful in our side mission as there were no ships in orbit to target.

Iraj Demo Mission Supplimental by Choth

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