Iraj Pilot Team

Speeders ahoy! Pola Panallal could hardly claim this as "another glorious victory for Orange Squadron" as command wouldn't even let him take his Y-Wing, the Pole Star. Instead, a large amount of supplies, including speeders, was to be sent to a mining planet where the locals did not have much to do but shoot critters and go into town, or both. Interest in the planet had been leaked (per Intelligence) to the Imps, vis double or triple agents, but moles in the supply chain had seen to it that the reinforcements sent to the Imperial base were equipped with armaments diverted from salvage/recycling. This would give the the locals, with Rebel support and training, a chance to hoot-and-holler at the Imps.

About the way it worked out, too. The miners weren't good at Repulsor Lift Operations, and so mostly took gunnery positions on the speeder bikes and assault speeders, strafing and shooting the Imperials all around. Like shooting fenoks in a barrel, until a few Imp speeders got aloft. Fortunately, they weren't well supervised (Commanded) as Pola had had the foresight to target the command speeders before they got off the ground.

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