It's A Trap! (Mission Rpt By Sara Starsider)

Date: Origins 09 Mission
Mission Leader: General bel Iblis
Team Members: Sara Starsider, Qualen Pennik, Elyra, Pola Panallal, and 4 others (anyone feel free to update names if they have them)
Mission Briefing: Ky had been captured by the Imperials a few months ago and rebel HQ recieved info on his being moved including a possible way to get him out. The source of the information is questionable, but they have verified enough details through more reliable sources to believe that the info is valid. (ie we know it might be a trap but we're going anyways - ie Standard Operating Procedure) Plan is to ambush the prison transport that will be picking up Ky on the stop prior to picking up Kai, capture it, impersonate the crew, fly it to pick up Ky, and fly away with Ky.
Ship Taken: The Corellia's Folly was used to get to our first waypoint where we were to take over the Imperial prison ship.
Mission Details: Hitch #1- There was an escort ship with the prison ship that was not mentioned in the info we had. However, the prison ship did in fact show up as scheduled shortly after its escort. We took out the escort ship first, but a squad of Spacetroopers managed to get out prior to the ship's destruction. Gen bel Iblis and myself went out on the hull to repel the Spacetroopers while our gunners on the Corellia's Folly attempted to take out the squad prior to reaching us. Our gunners managed to destroy all but 2 of the squad, and those 2 were ionized. The prison ship was ionized during the brief space battle so as to keep them from departing without us. We then closed with the prison ship. Gen bel Iblis and I hopped ship to ship to enter the prison ship on the end closest to the bridge while the Corellia's Folly went around to the tail docking collar to deploy the strike team going to the engineering section. Polla and the engineer stayed with the Corellia's Folly while the rest of the team went into the prison ship and secured the Engineering section. The bridge crew actually seemed relatively intelligent as they surrendered as soon as the door opened to Fen and I. It was then easy to use life support controls from engineering to subdue the rest of the ship without firing a shot. We loaded most of the prison ship's crew into our ship bound and kept subdued by low O2 levels and had our droids return to base with them and a note to command explaining where to deliver them. Our entire team stayed onboard the prison ship and got into uniforms to go under cover. We got the ship back up and running and went through the ships logs and other recordings to verify if we needed to clean anything up before continuing. We also went through the records of the current prisoners - none were determined to be rebels or known associates of the rebellion and it was decided to maintain the current status of the prisoners till we returned to base to asses their cases in detail. We also set up stun grenades on remote in the stations where we planned on assigning the new guards we were suppose to be picking up with Ky. So then we continued to the pickup point for a new shift of guards to join us as well as picking up more prisoners, including Ky. The pickup point turned out to be an Imperial Star Destroyer that we successfully managed to get picked up and landed in their landing bay on schedule. Hitch #2 - 7 new guards as well as a number of new prisoners were picked up, then Ky was brought out under special guard. We were refueled and resupplied. Hitch #3 - Fen recognized and was recognized by one of the new prisoners, but he dealt with the prisoner in keeping with his cover and managed to keep from raising suspicion while on the Star Destroyer. After waiting for the resupply to finish, we departed the Star Destroyer and left on the correct vector for Navhiba (the Imperial destination), but we programmed the nav computer to stop just shy of an uninhabited system about halfway to Navhiba. We were not interferred with on the departure and all seemed to be going WAY too well. About an hour into the trip, I used the ships internal sensors to verify the new guards were in the correct locations, then tripped the stun grenades. We then disarmed and loaded them into a cell. About 6 hours into the trip, the Imperials sprung their counter trap. The prison ship apparently had a hidden program in it that sealed off all sections of the ship from each other, turned off the lights, and opened the cell doors. Fen was in the lounge trapped with his former classmate, Elyra and Qualen were in with the prisoners, one of the recruits and I were in the bridge, and most of the rest of our team were in their rooms or scattered around the ship. Fen was challenged some, but subdued his classmate without too much problem. Elyra and Qualen managed to fight the "prisoners" and guards and subdue them just as some of the rest of the team managed to cut through the door to give them a hand. The bridge crew managed to get the lights back on in the bridge, unlock the door to the bridge so Pola could get to us, jamm the external communications, and then set about getting the ship to not come out of hyperspace where we had originally programmed it to do so since we figured that location had probably been transmitted just prior to entering hyperspace. Once everything was back in our control, Kai was freed and we took a circuitous route back to the fleet.
Result of Mission: Success. Ky was "rescued". Acquired a prison ship. Took a couple of dozen Imperials prisoner for questioning. Also have a couple dozen actual prisoners for processing as possible recruits.

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