It S Been A Hard Day And Night

My shoulder is killing me, but the medic has come and gone and he promises it's healing well. He gave me a few more painkillers, and trust me, I have thought about taking the whole bottle. The scar is mending, but it'll be nasty. Despite the cut being clean it was deep and the wound will always look angry.

I'd give anything to be able to play blast darts, or practice throwing some dud grenades around…being alone on the ship is lonesome. R2 asked if I needed repairing, which made me smile. It's cute of him to ask despite his displeasure in being around me. I've left Squibie a message on his com about spending some time alone together, especially after what just happened. I still need to talk to Choth about getting the damn BOSS registration changed to something a little less illegal than a stolen Imp Patrol Boat ID.

Being in bed or just about the ship has given me plenty of time for reading though, and not just books on architecture but getting back to chemistry, medicine, and botany a bit. I also pulled out the brick of special detonite earlier. I still haven't heard anything about help from base on figuring out the properties to it yet. I need to get a chemistry lab set up also…yeah, need to ask Choth about that first as well.

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