It's Good To Be Me?

Dear Diary,

So during the last couple of missions, the in and out time, cleaning up the poop from Stinky Doo, and finding a safe place to keep my things I totaly forgot about the ring that Fred Slick gave to me onboard the Discovery.

It was in a red velvet box with a pink bunny ribbon and a black one with skulls…proof Slick knows what I like. The ring itself is georgous, a red stone with a zetdeer signet. When you push one button the eyes glow red and these little fangs point up so that you can punch someone with it. The other button…um, well, I really wished we weren't that rushed getting to our assigned briefing rooms. I don't recall what the other button does.

I know I probably shouldn't have accepted it but…well, Slick is a good friend and despite him seeing a problem with me marrying Squibums and not him….life is hard.

Darrius gave me a present too but he's not freaking out that I married the squib. I don't think I get men. Maybe I ought to spend less time blowing them and pay more attention to what they have to say. Perhaps this is a concern that Sara can help me out with, or maybe Chimera or Lyta.

Maybe Lyta…since she's married too.

I wonder if Squibbie is mad I am wearing the ring Fred got for me. It's not like I don;t cherish the grenade pin wedding band…how thoughtful = /

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