It S Holowood Baby Report By Taylor Castel

Actually in the end we did the con…. but from a remote location. Which turned out to be a good thing, for the audience.

Several older characters had been sent away and prevented from assisting rebels on vital mission by the evil Lans Garner. Instead to our confusion we were sent to the set of the Sparks 100 holomovie set as Technical advisers. The movie was based on a novel (which none of us knew about) written by a secretary who and I am guessing here probably filled out reports on our various missions.

While she changed many of the details she had developed a keen interest in the lives of Crash n Burn, Jerrico Hunter, Tik Tik, Rockland Hawk, the romance between ADR and Taylor Castel, and a she apparently has a rather huge crush on Harold Ascot and a fearful respect of Slik.

So while the rest of you did something useful Lans kept us on the set of this movie. We were asked to try and coach our actors int the roles and and make sure this pr piece did well. We "heroically" subverted a sabotage plot by stunning some one. And attending endless parties, and chances to drum up support for the movie.

Still not trusting our surroundings and expecting a trap to develop we refused to go to a convention but consented to a remote location vid feed where would "answer" questions. we were nervous about being asked question which might compromise our status and rebel intelligence, only to find fans wanting odd details about our personal lives which were no where near based on our lives realities but rather on fiction. Which made it a good thing as Crash was needled about her name and might have shot the man had she been there for real.

Nearly every other day Taylor contacted Lans (evil Lans) about disturbing details and asked if there wasn't better use of their time and efforts than this holovid. Yet every time we where given orders by Lans (still evil) that this is exactly where he wanted us. So we obliged our leader and pursued our "mission."

Which included coaching actors portraying us, a Crucible sector girls Calander shoot…. which will feature Crash and Taylor, and stunts coached by some rather impressive well trained with lightsaber folks that shall go unnamed.

At the end our "mission" we were concerned by the events that happened and pursued an answer as to why Lans had sent us on such a mission and allowed so many others to fail. Our refusal to not let him dodge us on the answer lead us to uncover that he was not actually our leader, but rather a surgically altered individual cleverly implanted in our ranks. He is now dead, but he has done some damage to the rebellion. Mainly he has collected information on several of you and been spending his many hours coming up with methods of assassinating your characters. Taylor made it a point to everyone file to them so that they might be prepared to protect themselves from such attacks. The files was always labeled …. Warning extremely unpleasant for your eyes only. Please don't flood Jeff with questions… . just pretty much guess they where weakness or detailed habits of you characters and how to use that information in assassination attempts.

The movie turned out to be a romanticized version of rebel lives, not much based on the any real missions. The character 's did not fight the empire, but rather a mocked up changed version of it, they did however strive against their nemesis Davon Toth. And I am sure Jerricho will be happy to inform you all there are shower sequences in the movie, but he'll have to give you details on that one….

Taylor Castel…. stuff of Holowood stories.

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