Jawa Control

Needed some one to shoot Stinky the Jawa on stun during peace time to keep it on toes. It desperately needs to learn to dodge and be far more careful.


  • Must be willing to only "attack" during peace time - when not actively on mission.
  • Must be willing to only use stun setting.
  • If subject is unconscious must be willing to guard until returned to consciousness.
  • Must obtain medical assistance if needed while performing training "attacks".

Green rebels are welcome, no previous experience with a blaster is necessary!

Please See. Gen Taylor Castel for details.

Applicant Responses

Potential Customer Clarifications:

Q: Could youth define 'peath time'?
A: Only within rebel controlled areas - while no other mission objectives apply. Subject to revision as needed.

Q: Is this limited to blaster only or can grenades, mines, and other "ordinance" be used?
A: Only blaster are permitted - and only on stun. If you can not afford one - one will be provided for you.

Q: What is the payment per attack? Also, is there a bonus for actually hitting said Jawa?
A: The payment will be issued as the Jawa meets defensive criteria available in schedule form under rebel training guides. The employee is to act as a aggressive coach to the Jawa to stress the importance of self defense skills.

Q: Is there a general pay range for said training?
A: 50 credits as the Jawa achieves each qualification measure.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of individuals filling this role at a given time?
A: Yes, Gen Castel will only have 2 individuals operating as "instructors" at any one time. "Instructors" must be screened and authorized by Gen Castel. Anyone seeking to "instruct" the Jawa without prior agreement is doing so of their own free will

Q: If it is determined, that the jawa is walking around with Resist Stun up, is it allowable to shoot on "kill" if medical personnel are present?
A: No, but multiple shots will hopefully inspire the Jawa to use reasonable self preservation skills. At no time will any force other than stun be accepted, breaking of terms will result in the employees dismissal.

Q: So, can other people contribute to the training fund to up the amount of trainers? Two hardly seems like enough for a good regimen for such a worth endeavor.
A: Yes, if you would like to donate some funds toward ensuring this worthy cause of shooting Gen Stinky until it has learned to dodge up to rebel self defense field services standards please contact Gen Taylor Castel. With your cooperation we will really send the message the the jawa must be trained to the highest self defense standards.

Q: Which address would General Castel like applications sent to?
A: Connection through this board is fine. Otherwise please see memebers fiule in the sf yahoo site for exact email address. This may not be the safest site to post a direct contact.

Q: Has fleet security been notified so that there will not be issues with them over this or should applicant take care of this?
A: Applicant is responsible.

Q I have already shot at the Jawa during a Mission with great success. The Jawa did not take it as a learning experience but rather asked that I do. Was this right of the Jawa?
A: There is no ignorance, there is the knowledge of dodge.

Q Does said shooting need be done by the hired individual? Can metallic beings be used to assist with said training?
A: Gentle being are preffered as they can maintain security of the Jawa while it's naps. Again objective is to train, so please be sure the jawa has the chance to hop out of the way.

Q Is it possible to rig a stun crash course through which the Jawa is to navigate while randomly being stunned, and sell tickets, start bets on how long the jawa will last, and broadcast to fellow opps? And if so does this merit any extra credits for also teaching humility?
A: General Castel is recovering in the med bay from excessive laughter. Answer will be provided once she can contain the giggle attack.

Q In addition to the above, would it be plausible to use the Jawa Punchies obtained on Mos Eisley as part of the crash course and then sell them as memorabilia afterwards?
A: >Awaiting Answer<

Q Is it acceptable to use a remote-like device incapable of causing real physical injury that would follow the jawa around and randomly shoot at it?
A: >Awaiting Answer<

Q Can we add a rule to not stun the Jawa while it is piloting any vehicle that others are riding in?
A: >Awaiting Answer<

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