Jawa Diary Entry 1

My name is Dee'laan Gad'wa-heega, a name I had almost forgotten. Most others call me "Stinky" due to the natural odor given off by those of my race. I am a Jawa. And I am a Jedi Knight. Only 3 individuals know my real name and what I am, a secret that I will be hard pressed to share.

One year ago after the whirlwind of events settled down (Alderaan's destruction and the Battle of Shiva), I realized that memories of my childhood were suddenly back. The big blank portion of my life came flooding back to me and now my life makes sense. For so many years I have felt that something was missing and so I went wandering. I left Tattooine as so few of my kind have done, taking on repair jobs here and there. I even acquired a ship and then I discovered the Rebellion. I sold the ship and tagged along eventually joining up. Then on one fateful mission, I met a Jedi Master who agreed to teach a Jawa to get in touch with the Force. It felt right.

A bit later, another small Master agreed to take my training to the next level; I became a Force user. Again something called to me.

Less than one year before the Battle of Shiva, Sillo Bluestar asked if I would be his Padawan. As I left to join the other ships in the Battle above Shiva, my master told me I was ready for the trials. The Force continued to influence me.

What does this have to do with remembering my childhood? Everything!

18 years before Alderaan was destroyed, I was studying with our clan's Shaman, a Jawa female who could use something akin to the Force to foresee events. Along with 2 others, it was thought that I would be chosen to follow this very special path amongst my people. During a break in my studies, I accompanied my parents on a run in one of the clan's Sandcrawlers.

On our circuit from the Dune Sea to Anchorhead, we encountered a human who was new to Tattooine. He was given a ride into Anchorhead and we again gave him a ride back to his small hovel out past the Dune Sea. He needed help fixing his moisture vaporators so we stayed to make the repairs.

I wasn't supposed to get in the way but I was 10 and rarely had a chance to watch the repair teams at work (I was studying with the Shaman and had not been trained in technical fields). Fixing things fascinated me and while I was fixated on what was happening, I bumped into the human. His look was almost one of horror as he stared at me and seemed to stumble backward.

Soon after the repairs were done, he spoke with a number of our clan including my parents. And I felt something unusual; I can only describe it as a disconnection. We left and we headed back to the main compound. Once we got back, I was told that I was being sent away to live with my cousins near Mos Espa. When I protested, the Shaman told me I must go but that someday I would understand.

And now I do. Sitting here with nothing to do but reflect upon my life, I now realize that when Obi Wan Kenobi passed into the Force on the Death Star is when my past came back to me. I now know it was his doing that severed my connection to the Force back on Tattooine all those years ago. And when distance was put between us, the Force again was able to call to me.

As in my childhood, the Force again chose me as its vessel.

A Jawa's Diary

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