Jawa Diary Entry 10

A while back I went on a mission and failed as a Jedi. In a vision I saw a force user battling to destroy a Dark side object, possibly a Sith holocron. Various events lead us to a cave where the man from my vision was living. Though older, this was definitely the same person. When we mentioned the object, force wraiths attacked and I was smacked into tomorrow. The rest of our group did not see the need to stick around and dragged my unconscious body away from there.

Ever since then I have felt that I needed to go back to try to talk with the man. So I headed to the planet Pajor on this current leave. Near to were I remembered his cave to be was a large patch of burned land large enough to land an average freighter. Vegetation was starting to grow back and it appeared that the ground had probably been burned about 2 weeks before.

I found his cave with no problems. It was extremely quiet and I soon found out why. Laying dead on the ground was the man I had come to speak with. He had been shot in the forehead by a close range blaster shot and it appeared that he had been bound and beaten. Looking around I found a piece of something that I later discovered to be a piece of a rebreather.

Unlike my first visit, this time I was able to go to the other cave where I had seen the Sith object. While the dark side still permeated the area, the object was gone. The stand on which I saw it resting was there, empty. On the path I did find a used medpack which I took to examine further.

I remembered that there was a green monkey creature, Stinker, who was a friend of the man’s. I looked around for it only to find it had been killed by a disruptor weapon. It seemed that it had been toyed with before it was finally killed. Taking the body of the creature, I went back to bury both beings.

On the trip back my thoughts returned to my original training on Tatooine. With all the Force powers I have come to know, why hasn’t the power the Shaman possesses manifested itself?

My personal query must have jogged some deep rooted block. Over the past month, I have developed the ability to “see” beyond the immediate events. If I had more to go on to find the human’s, Bilton’s, killer, I wouldn’t consider using the Force. But the killer may also have the object and I have made a vow to find and destroy it.

A Jawa's Diary

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