Jawa Diary Entry 11

How does he do that?!

The black comm link went off today. I answered it only to find Xakon's droid address me by my full name. As I never mentioned this to either, I have to wonder if my other secret is known to him. How much he knows sends shivers down my spine.

It was an informative call. LX told me that my Imperial bounty has been taken care of. How I don't know, but if I ever can speak with Xakon in person, I will try to confirm that no others were put in harms way. I can't let that happen.

I choose to be open in regards to what transpired with the box containing my confisgated possessions. LX was concerned that it had not been delivered intact, but I assured the droid that everything was there and the box had been unopened upon delivery. I went on to explain what had happened on Ord Mantell. The droid passed along a message to not do anything rash.

A Jawa's Diary

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