Jawa Diary Entry 14

We are on our way back from Navhiba with M'rath's body. I keep replaying the events over and over, each time coming to the same conclusion; something should have been done sooner. I have made a personal decision and promise that if any in our "family" go missing, are captured and/or are presumed dead, I will do everything in my power to find them and bring them home.

Something deep in me drew me to stay with the body. While my conscious mind ran through the past events, my subconscious remembered the training I have been given decades before. I surprised myself when I came out of my reverie and found that I was cleaning the dead Bothan in preparation for his funeral.

Suddenly I had a flashback to my childhood. I was 7 solar cycles old and there had been a fatal accident within the clan. The Shaman herself took me through all of the steps to prepare a body for funeral, how to sit in vigil with the body, dealing with the family, proper prayers, the funeral service and even building the funeral pyre. As the images faded from my view, I recalled that by the time of my 9th solar cycle, I had been named as the Shaman's chief funeral assistant.

There are plans to perform an autopsy on M'rath to determine what the Empire did to him. I intend to fulfill the duties that would have been mine if I were back on Tatooine and that I deeply feel are mine as a Jedi Knight.

I need to comm the Generals (Fen, Fred and Taylor) to meet here to discuss the funeral plans.

A Jawa's Diary

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