Jawa Diary Entry 15

I am sitting here in the morgue, staring at the blank data pad on which I am supposed to write my mission report. In my other hand is M'rath's autopsy report. I've finished all of the preparations; I don't think anyone will be able to see where the implant was. M'rath deserves to be remembered for how he was before the Empire captured and experimented on him.

This report…. I finding it hard to start. What do I include? What do I leave out? Maybe I should comm Fenn. I could use some advice. If I am thorough with the report, too much will be said; too much will be known. Part of this is not wanting to tarnish the others' memories of M'rath. Part of it is purely selfish. By including exactly what my part in this matter was, too much would be public knowledge. But not including it, there may be questions as to why I went along seeing as I had never met the Bothan.

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