Jawa Diary Entry 18

Entry #18

On this last mission, Kas’tor commed me as I was busy assisting Taylor with preparing for out jump to hyperspace. He said that “my waffles were ready” and I replied that I was busy and would come as soon as we were in hyperspace. When I got to the dining area, I found my box, the one that I had left under the bed on Kas’tor’s ship, the one with all of my belongings that the Imperials had taken off of me when I was arrested on Barab 1. Of course, in true Kas’tor style, there was a waffle on the top and the bottom of the box.

This time as soon as we get back to the fleet, I intend to put Sillo’s lightsaber in a safe place until I can find the opportunity to do what I intended to do with when I went to Barab 1 on the 1st anniversary of his passing into the Force.

A Jawa's Diary

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