Jawa Diary Entry 2

Still stuck on Barab 1. I have been kept concealed somewhere that may or may not be connected to the Mercenary Guild. They have moved me twice now and the long hallways all look the same so I really am confused as to where exactly I am. And none of the halls or rooms have any windows which is understandable; they are hiding me afterall.
But after 2 weeks in a 2m x 2m Imperial cell and even though these rooms are a decent size, it is all feeling a bit claustrophobic.

Even though I was looked over and treated by a doctor, some of my injuries are still twingy. The dislocation of my left shoulder feels like it will take some time to completely heal. That poor arm has been through so much; first that hand was cut off and reattached, then the whole arm was cut off during that Deathbowl match and finally reattached and now it was dislocated. The infection in my right knee is finally cleared up thanks to the Barab doctor but the scabs on both knees don't like to be stretched. Luckily I don't have alot of walking to do.

Then there are some other issues I need to get in check. I think I actually had what I have heard referred to as a Panic/anxiety attack today. When I was transferred to this room, my stomach formed a huge knot and my body froze and it took a few moments to force myself to walk across the room's threshhold. Shortly after when my meal was brought to me, the heavy Barab food did not sit well on my nervous stomach. The refresher has become a far too familiar room since then. I have not eaten much since then.

A Jawa's Diary

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