Jawa Diary Entry 20

Entry #20

Taylor made the call and we went in her ship to meet with Xakon on Barab 1. We landed at the private hangar and went to meet in Xakon’s office. I brought along a gift I had picked up on our last mission as I felt I still needed to apologize for a number of things as I had not had a decent opportunity the last time. Taylor still does not understand the reasons for my feeling uncomfortable and nervous. She seems to be extremely at home and in fact has been given a personal space to live and work. Once she went to her room to get freshen up, I finally gave Xakon the apology I meant to deliver all those months ago.

I think he could tell I was nervous and I don’t know how he does it (if it is him) but there was something calming in the air. I settled down as he asked for details on why we were here and I told him what Taylor had wanted to and what I had found out in my farseeing of the past.

We set to work, sifting through a lot of information, sometimes working alone and sometimes together. And we came up with one word, one word that shook both of us. Immediately we went to tell Xakon what we had found and he quickly realized this news had rattled the two of us. Again, there was a calming aura in the room and he offered us drinks. Taylor quickly accepted but I declined. Alcohol might help humans to cope but I have never been able to consume any proper quantity without throwing up first. And my stomach has been through far too much in the past year to knowingly subjecting it to further distress. Thankfully, he offered me a soothing blue milk.

A Jawa's Diary

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