Jawa Diary Entry 21

Entry #21

As Taylor has a place to stay here on Barab 1 for the duration of our 2 week leave, I needed to decide where to stay. I considered staying on her ship as I did not want to impose myself on anyone even though Xakon offered me a place to stay at the BMG. I can’t specifically put my finger on the reason I just don’t feel completely comfortable here. Part of it is due to the mess I got into on my last trip here. I don’t what sort of a reaction will come from my presence.

Yes, I should just stay on the ship and then we’ll fly back in time for Taylor to go on the mission. Then it will be 2 weeks alone in the department as almost everyone else I know is going on this mission. Yuck, after the news of the reappearance of a former adversary the last thing I want to be is alone. Ohh bantha poodoo! I forgot, I am under orders to not return but to take 2 additional weeks of vacation.

Guess I have to accept the offer of a room as long as I can also get a ride back to the fleet. Great now I’ll owe more. And I hope the room is not near to where I was being hidden or else I sincerely hope everyone will understand when I sleep in the hallway. Because from the familiar knot forming in my stomach, I had better start meditating to put a halt to a panic attack. There has to be some deeper root cause for this problem.

A Jawa's Diary

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