Jawa Diary Entry 3

One of the reasons I even made this trip was to do something to honor the memory of my Master. As he did truly pass into the Force (something I have seen happen twice) and in the chaos after the Battle of Shiva, I don't know what happened to even his robes, there was nothing to put onto a funeral pyre.

Then during the last mission I went on before coming to Barab, it hit me. I did have one thing that was Sillo's, the lightsaber he gave me. As I have been studying to build my own, I remembered that one of the steps to aligning the crystals to complete a lightsaber includes using the Force. This puts a small part of your own Force into the weapon. I knew I needed to destroy his lightsaber.

If I really do get it back, I will not carry it with me. I know of some I would like to ask if they would be a part of a rememberance ceremony at which time I will destroy it. While I totally believe with every fiber of my being that "There is no death, there is only the Force", sometimes we need to "say" goodbye in our own ways. There have been so many we have lost that we never had a chance to do that for. Some beings need what I have heard of as "closure".

A Jawa's Diary

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