Jawa Diary Entry 4

I thought I was being moved again when instead I was brought to the hangar bay with my P-38 in it. They told me there was a short exit window when the Imperials would not be aware of my ship leaving.

After quickly prepping my ship and finding that there were a few ration bars replaced in the otherwise empty interior (gone was my Ion gun, an air freshener and a few other sundry items I have left in the tiny interior of the starfighter), I departed.

As promised, the exit from Barab 1 was uneventful and I made the jump into hyperspace. While sitting, staring at the streaking stars, I realized how much I had missed the openness of space and the sky. Maybe that is why I was given my name, Gad'wa-heega (more sky).

I ate very little during the journey. One or two bites told my stomach that these Barab ration bars were not compatible with a Jawa's digestive system; in particular one that was being extremely touchy. And there is no refresher room in a starfighter; just the cockpit. Best to just be hungry, something I was somewhat getting used to.

Finally the trip ended and my ship returned to regular space. Seeing the fleet and Discovery allowed me to relax somewhat but not for long. The comm light went on and I answered, in Jawa. My transliterator had been taken by the Imperials and my comm system does not have a translation unit built in. The traffic controller informed me that the translation units on board Discovery were down and that basic needed to be spoken. "Could this month get any worse," I thought to myself. I finally somehow got out the name Fen. Maybe it was for the best that I would have to tell him sooner rather than later about my ordeal. He has a way of putting things in perspective.

A Jawa's Diary

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