Jawa Diary Entry 5

My first few days back have been interesting. After explaining to Fen what happened to me on Barab 1, I went to see Chimera to finally have a talk. She really needs to understand what being a true Jedi is really all about.

When I got to my room, I had an anxiety attack and I almost went to the hangar bay to sleep in my ship. I need to get this under control. I finally was able to enter my room, but between the horrid dreams and the upset stomach, I spent more time in the refresher than in bed. Only got an hour or two of real sleep and awoke remembering an appointment with Fen.

He asked me to dinner with Lyta and mentioned she and Fred Slick wanted to search for M'rath. I knew Fen could put things in perspective for me. My 2 weeks seems like nothing in comparison to what M'rath has to be enduring. I will offer to help with their search in my own special way. This will not be a trivial use of the Force. As a Jedi Knight, it is something I must do.

A Jawa's Diary

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