Jawa Diary Entry 6

The dinner meeting with Fen and Lyta was quite interesting. Once the confusion about why Fen invited me was gotten over, we all got onto the same page. Part of the conversation confirmed for me Lyta's opinion of most Force users. So it caught me off guard (Fen also) when she offered to have me use the Force on her to learn as much as she could offer of her memories about M'rath. As soon as we can, the 2 of us will go for a short hyperspace ride to do this will as few distractions as possible. I only want to learn more about M'rath and not pry into Lyta's private thoughts.

Once we get back, I will endevour to find M'rath through the Force. If I can get them some solid information, they can be more specific in their request to Xakon.

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