Jawa Diary Entry 8

Finally got assigned to go on some missions. I always know we will get into trouble when the group has to ask me to pilot the ship. This generally means that while the group has talents, they just don't center around any areas having to do with ship operations and I can only man one position. Needless to say, without Darrik's help the hits we were taking would have done us in much earlier. As it was, I was barely able to crash land the ship and some on board were injured but no fatalities. (Reminder to self: Never use the line, "I am a leave on the wind". It almost did not turn out well.)

Still need to get my PTSD under control. We broke into an Imperial prison cell and I had another anxiety attack. Jynxie slapped me; this got me to focus so I could act.

Life keeps giving me challenges to remind me that the path of a Jedi is the long and difficult one. Chimera got herself captured and we had to go to Ord Mantell to rescue her. We took Kastor's ship and a box appeared overnight in my room. My confiscated personal goods were in the box including the lightsaber given to me by Sillo. I thought it best to not carry this while on "the bounty hunters home world". So I put it, along with the bandoliers, belt, blaster, and transliterator, back into the box and put it under the bed.

While in a bar, I saw my bounty go across the scrawling list which is now listed at 30,000 credits. It seems the concept of a Jawa being a possible Jedi was funny to most of the bounty hunters in the room until the "We're serious" tag appeared. Again, I need to get a grip on my reactions. At the sight of this, I lost all willpower and instead of continuing to look over the damaged assassin/serving droid, I bolted (well crawled really fast) for the closest door.

In the end, while we were able to rescue Chimera, we lost one other who had accompanied us. His sacrifice allowed us to leave. We also had to leave behind Kastor's ship. I have tried to tell him what I left behind on his ship and I will take full responsibilty for whatever complications this causes.

A Jawa's Diary

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