Jawa Diary Entry 9

Went out with Lyta on her ship. As soon as I had enough extra information about M'rath, we dropped out of hyperspace. After a sensor scan of the area showing it to be clear, I reached out to find M'rath.

This is the first time I have sensed out into the Force for such a great distance. From our position in a quiet, unoccupied area of space, it was easy to forget just how many beings are out there. If I hadn't been focused on my objective, it would have been extremely easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer masses and lose my way.

I did find M'rath and got a general location, Nivihba. Had I realized to do this just a short while ago… We were all just there.

There was something else but I can't grasp what "it" was. I don't know if my own mind severed the search or if there was something else. Don't know if I will ever know.

Not sure how Lyta is reacting, but she seemed "not happy". I will give Fen time to be with her before I meet with him to let him know what all happened.

While Lyta was out taking care of a pesty Mynock, I got to work setting the coordinates to return. I was still feeling a bit shaky when a sudden case of chills set in. During the flight back, a forgotten childhood memory came back to me. A similar large use of the Force when I was about 7 produced an aftereffect of shivers and bone numbing chills. I can't wait to get into my quarters to curl up under my heat lamps and wrap up in some thermal blankets.

A Jawa's Diary

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