Jedi Diary Entry 1

Entry #1: A new beginning

In light of events over the past months, I have chosen to start a new diary. And to live under a new set of definitions in regards to “home” and “family”.

The traditional definitions no longer work for me. As a Jedi Knight, I realize I need to keep attachments to a minimum. Were there still operating temples, I would be living there in assigned quarters. I would not consider any specific planet home. If requested to move, I would oblige as would be my duty to do so. All I truly require is a place to sleep, safely if possible. And that is the only home that should be required.

Family. It will take me a while to refocus my thinking regarding my relationships. I understand the concept that ultimately a Jedi’s only family relationship is between Master and Padawan. And were the Order still intact, as a Jedi Knight I might have been assigned a padawan already. But times are different and the Order may never be what it once was. I know I will need to attain the level of Master before I can consider taking on a Padawan. Until that time, I will need to come to terms with being alone and having no family.

This is not a perfect view but a start, a way to for me to move forward, a way to remind myself that this is the way it must be for me. I know it will be hard when I am around those who constantly speak of finding a partner, of being at home but I must persevere.

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