Jedi Diary Entry 12

Entry #12 – A Bittersweet Day

The Skqinocks have returned to Mindor and we cannot go back for at least 8 years. Those precious hours we had to spend in the presence of perfect balance may never happen again. With this in mind, I drank in every aspect of this moment that I could so that I would never forget any of it.

I sat next to the old man who had taken on the job of caretaker or maybe a better term is surrogate, taking over the job of the Skqinocks whose light side balanced out the dark side of the bats. He had some of the bats hanging on his clothing and I in turn allowed some of them to hang on me. I wanted to understand what it was that he was going through. The feeling was unlike anything I have experienced; a perfect counterpoint in the Force. Was it not for there being so much else that needs to be done, were it not for it being his calling and not mine, I might have considered staying to help him.

When the Skqinocks arrived, there was a slight change within the Force of the bats, just as there was a change when they were first attached to me. I reached out slightly into the Force as I knew my 5 normal senses were not enough to embrace this moment. This was special, unique and words still fail me.

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