Jedi Diary Entry 13

Entry #13 – A rescue gone wrong
Over the past months, numerous members of the Crucible Rebel Cell have been trying to track down the whereabouts of Corbin Maxx. From the various reports I have read, he has been missing since leaving the team he was assigned to while on a Hutt world. The last group to continue following the path came away from a meeting with some of the Hutts with the information on the bounty hunters who had Corbin. Now it was our turn.

ADR was in charge of putting together the team. Initially, I had no intentions of helping as my relationship with Corbin was, well, not a good one. But being a Jedi, not just a Jedi but Jedi Knight and I knew I had to reign in my personal feelings about Corbin. A Jedi cannot harbor those kinds of feelings, ever. And then I remembered a promise I made to myself and to others that I would never leave anyone behind and knew I had to help. Had more qualified individuals stepped up to assist, I would gladly have stepped out of the picture. My promise would be fulfilled as long as I was assured the job was covered. But too many had previous plans and we were coming up short so I joined the group.

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