Jedi Diary Entry 14

Entry #14: Not the vacation I planned

Day 1: Once again we have been given leave and while there are many things I could be doing, should be doing, I felt compelled to stay on board “Discovery”. I have a pile of paperwork that still needs to be done even though I know someone will gripe at me for not taking my vacation. And there are those holo-vid news casts I still want to look over.

Just because I am staying is no reason my attaché needs to be here. I gave her orders to go do something, even if it is just sitting around a friend’s room talking and playing cards.

Day 2: I’m just not feeling right. Looking over at the array of tea I have tried today, I don’t understand why none of it seems to be working. Maybe I’ll get some of that soup for dinner, the same soup Fen brought me while we sat in the morgue when Corbin was returned. That warmed me up.

Day 2.5: This is the third time today I have raised the temperature in my office. Maintenance is going to start complaining. But the heat lamps just aren’t cutting it and only so many thermal blankets can only be layered before the effects no longer stack. And I am still cold. The soup I thought would help is actually making me feel queasy. Add to that the new scar on my chest has started to ache. I need to lie down.

Day 2.75: Finally got my bed roll moved over by the refresher. Just spent way to much time in there. Looking at my discarded body glove and the other mess, part of me knows I should clean it up but all I want to do is crawl under the covers and sleep. Maybe no one will notice if I turn up the thermostat just a little more. Comm links, time to turn them off. I’m in no shape to go anywhere even if I receive an order or request.

I don’t know why my thoughts keep turning to my mother. Perhaps because the last time I was this ill, she was there and would know how to make me feel better.

Day 7: As I lay here in a hospital bed somewhere on “The Hope”, looking at all the tubes and wires running from various locations on my body, I am trying to piece together what happened over the past 5 days. There are bits and pieces that I remember but foremost in my memory is the vision, so vivid and real. And again the fresh surgical cut on my right side throbs with echoes of a past wound, not one of mine but my mother’s.

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