Jedi Diary Entry 15

Entry #15: Murphy’s Law

I have finished my post-surgical rehab and have been released from the ward on board the Hope. I am finally free to go back to work and home. Over the past few days I recalled the state my office was in when I was found but Fen assured me that the cleaning bots had done a very good job of cleaning it up.

Of course he was right and my office looks spotless, with everything put away. I am only missing two items that I should have with me but they are both in a desk drawer. Pulling open that drawer, there are my two comm. links; my rebellion one and the special private one.

Oh crap, of course after months and months of not receiving a comm. on it and carrying it everywhere, there was an incoming comm. on the private one the one time I turned it off. Listening to the message, for the first time it is a comm. directly from Xakon himself. I could wait to call back but that will just delay the inevitable difficult conversation. Better to do it right away before I get buried in a mound of paperwork or repair duties or sent on a mission.

He wanted to see me. I have promised that I will comm. back as soon as I know when I am given my next leave.

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