Jedi Diary Entry 16

Entry #16: Back to work

More of the same with some more difficult than others. One major injury, a cracked skull, was bad and I was blind due to swelling pressing on the optic nerve. Jynxie need not have apologized for her first aid skills, we were in the field and she did a fine job; I was alive. That was all that was necessary.

On to another mission that started more like a vacation. I have ended up with more clothing and a speeder bike. As a Jedi I don’t need this much stuff but having a variety of outfits means I don’t have to worry if one is damaged.

I was possessed. I wasn’t strong enough to keep it out. I was trapped in my own head. I did and tried to do horrible things; tried to kill members of my team. And all the while, I could see, feel what my body was doing but I couldn’t stop it. I felt violated.

I have met another Jawa force user. Maybe I can spend some time with him, help him to adjust to the changes in the galaxy.

How time flies. Another leave and I have an appointment.

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