Jedi Diary Entry 18

There is a celebration being held at Uneeq's. Normally I avoid parties but this one sounds different. It will be a combination of Giver's day and a Day of the Dead type of celebration to remember and honor those who have gone before us.

I think I will bring along the lightsaber Sillo gave me on the day he passed into the Force. This is feeling right. Some may think I am nuts for my belief but I hold that when the crystals are focused and/or attuned we put a small part of ourselves in them. Time to let him go and severe my final physical tie to my Master. I will break the crystals amongst some of his friends and place the shell of the non-functioning lightsaber on Memorial wall shelf under his name.

Perhaps with his lightsaber sitting there, it will be a reminder of the sacrifice he made for every Force sensitive in the Crucible sector.

I know I do not need a physical object to connect and remind me to my fallen Master. He is always with me through what he taught me and through our connection to the Force.

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