Jedi Diary Entry 2

Entry #2 – Identity crisis

I was just informed by ChiChi that he gave me up during an interrogation/torture. Considering the situation, I understood and hold no grudge against him. I even told him that better it was me; I couldn’t wish this on any other being. His reaction belied there was something else troubling him and I had a feeling he needed to get it out. So I pushed just enough to get him to rant.

It is amazing how one little misconception can kick up like a sandstorm. Jynx had told him about how I had toyed with my new lightsaber during our meeting to view the “Dodge” training vids. She viewed it as aggressive and as a threat. I had been sitting with it on my desk all day as part of my getting used to my new identity, getting used to my real place in the galaxy.

I don’t know what happened in private between the two of them but after hearing his rant, I knew she had made him promise to not do anything to me. And he broke that promise. And I am partly to blame. If our little misconception had not happened, there would not have been a promise to break. I feel horrible on so many levels.

The only good thing to come from this is now when I stop dressing like a Jawa, I can cite this bounty as the reason. But I know the real reason. I ceased being a Jawa a long time ago.

I need to get away from here. Even though ChiChi said Xakon was informed, I should do it myself. But I never get him, I always get LX. And right now I couldn’t stand to talk to the droid. And anyone else I can really talk to is either gone or seem to be avoiding me. I’ll record my message. I can rig it to the comm. link to play after I leave my office. I’ll give a vague message of where I’m off to to my attaché, he never questions me.

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