Jedi Diary Entry 21

Entry #21: There is no death; there is the Force.

It has been quite some time since I wrote an entry in this diary. Much has happened but reading back, my concerns are still warranted.

I died. Now more than ever I understand the last line of the Jedi code. The experience has solidified my belief in the Jedi way and has left me humbled by the power that has allowed me to return to the plain of the living.

Fred had disarmed the droid of its weapon but I was closer with a lightsaber in my hand and it decided I was the greater threat so it attacked me with its fist. I wasn’t able to parry the fist and it hit with extreme strength. I was sent flying backward and could feel the rupturing of organs and cracking of ribs. Then my head slammed into the duracrete floor and my dead body lay still.

Warmth and light replaced the moment of utter blackness and I knew I was part of the Force as I looked down on the lifeless shell that had been my body. My spirit was at peace but there lingered feelings of regret and sadness. I still had so much to accomplish. My companions might need me in the difficult battle ahead. Oh, but if only the Force would allow me to heal my fatally damaged body so I could return to the plain of the living.

The Force must have plans for me because I felt a tug and push (was that Master Sillo pushing?) and awoke to excruciating pain in a now moving but damaged body.

I must not allow myself to get cocky from this experience. Some day the Force will take me into its embrace and there will I stay as part of the energy that binds the Galaxy.

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