Jedi Diary Entry 22

Entry #22:
I have met a displaced Jawa and have promised to find a way to get him home. But I am unsure if I can personally go do this as he is located on Coruscant and I have revealed my talents to an Inquisitor. If I do go back, I will need a really good false identity and be cautious in my choice of transportation.

We have started work on Peridia to form a replacement for the Expurgium’s shelter and food pantry. Pistolwhip put up the seed money and now I need to write up an informational brochure to get local businesses on board.

Then we have contacted a journalist on Sullust who will help us expose the Expurgium there if we can get video of a member stating their hypocrisy.

So much to do but that is the life I chose, the life of a Jedi.

Entry #22: Part A: Solstice Day celebration
I don't know what prompted me to throw a party but something in me knew I needed to get over this hurdle. I hate most parties. So many couples, so many groupings of friends. Reminders of how alone I am in the galaxy, how separated I am from the others. And the one who would have likely figured out the significance of the date wasn't even there to share it with me.

It has been 22 years since I said this, "Happy Birthday to me". That's over; time to get back to business.

Entry #22: part B:

Timing is right so I will be using my vacation time to go to Coruscant to retrieve a Jawa and back to the Temple of Aepier to speak with the Master. There is information on the Book of Knowledge that he should know and the whereabouts of Stonecutter. Then to ask the difficult question, how will I know I am ready for the Master trials.

Were the Jedi council still in existence, I would not even be asking this question. But they don't exist so I need to ask. In a way I know it is very soon to be asking but we live in a different time. There is almost nothing left of the Jedi order and I keep feeling my time on this plane of existence may be coming to a close much too soon. It would be a waste of Master Sillo's training for me to not be able to take on a padawan. It is what he wanted, a way to perpetuate the Jedi order.

His plan was to have one trained in the traditional way and for another to use the holocron of the Order of the Silver Jedi which he gave to Choth. But I fear Choth has become possessed by his greed as demonstrated by his collection of lightsabers and that the holocron has been horded along with them. It is probably sitting untouched on some shelf instead of being shared.

I feel compelled to continue the Jedi order. Down deep that is and likely has always been my calling. I want to give my padawan what I wasn't given; full training in all areas and not just Force power training.

But do I have time for the Master trials? In good conscious I can't let our work into ridding the galaxy of the Expurgium slide by and sit idle while I do something personal. But think of the training for a padawan to be a part of learning how to deal with such a complex problem like we face in the Expurgium. Talk about being caught in a loop, a Catch 22.

I will just need to wait and see what the Master says.

Looking out the view port of her ship at the ship blocking her from leaving Now if that ship will leave so I can get on my way. Another exercise in patience.

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