Jedi Diary Entry 23

Entry #23

I feel as if a weight has been lifted and the tension I have been experiencing is gone.

My vacation was nice. Parking my ship on Brentaal, I took public transport for the rest of the trip to Coruscant. I had keep the comm link from my previous visit and had the comm number for a being I met on that trip. He quickly met me and turns out he has been working with the displaced Jawa I had met before. I was taken to the apartment building where Krik-Krik was living.

Not surprising to another Jawa, Krik-Krik's place was full of stuff, random stuff. When I offered to take him back home to Tatooine and bring along all his stuff, the joy coming off of him was almost palpable. He had about a ton in his apartment which would easily fit in the 12 tons of space in the "Trusty Scabbard". Arrangements were made to have it all packed.

Then I found out about the other 20 tons in a storage facility. I have promised to hire someone to go pick that up in a bigger ship and have paid 6 months on the storage unit. (Note to self: start asking around to arrange this)

The only hitch to leaving was Krik-Krik did not have any Imperial paperwork. But being Jawas helped explain that and soon we were headed away from Coruscant. The trip to Tatooine was a bit long and I must admit that I resorted to drugging Krik-Krik so I could get some sleep and not have to worry about the ship.

Krik-Krik received a warm homecoming, both he and his stuff. At the moment he says he will never leave Tatooine again but the Force tells me that may change. I left him with a bit of wisdom should he leave again to be able to give him a way back home.

Alone again I headed to the Temple of Aeiper. The visit was … beyond words. I had almost forgotten what it is like to not worry about time and to immerse one's self in mediation in the Force.

My questions have been answered and the choice is mine. I will make arrangements to see that the investigation into the Expurgium is being handled. That investigation is more than I alone can do and I must trust in my fellow Rebels that they can take care of things while I do what I know I must do.

My life has been aimed at this goal and it is time.

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