Jedi Diary Entry 25

Thinking on my recent trip to Coruscant and all of the "stuff" that Krik-Krik had collected reminded me of something I had almost forgotten about. Somewhere was a room that another displaced Jawa had taken over with her "stuff". Stinky's room of stuff. An endeavor that was replaced when the Force re-entered my life.

The time has come to close that door.

Now if I can remember where on "Discovery" that room is?

Walking down corridors I rarely go these days, I finally come upon a door that feels familiar. Opening it up and turning on the overheads, a rush of memories flood back into my mind. There is a distant familiarity to the room and I know some would change their minds to keep the mementos from the past. But it is just stuff, stuff I don't need to remind me of my past. Those memories will always live in my heart and mind.

First things first, this room is as it was years ago, a bit too cold for a Jawa. Turning up the thermostat, I then made a comm to the proper department so we don't get in a fight over the temperature in this room. Next I spot what I thought I had left in the room; the shipping container. Now to pack it all up.

I must send a comm to Bear Riggs as I have "hired" him to go to Coruscant and pick up Krik-Krik's stored stuff to deliver it to him on Tatooine. I will send my stuff with him as a bargaining offering to the Jawas. He will need something to help him get information on the whereabouts of the sandcrawler Krik-Krik will likely be on.

I also had some assorted blaster parts. I'll box those up as a gift to Krik-Krik. He seemed like he would know what to do with items like these.

It has taken some time but everything has been packed up. I will requisition the use of a repulsorlift and have these delivered to Mr. Riggs at the appropriate time.

Turning down the thermostat then turning off the light, I shut the door behind me. It is just stuff.

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