Jedi Diary Entry 26

I write this as possibly the last entry in this diary, the diary of a Jedi Knight. I am taking a leave of absence to take the next step in fulfilling my promise to my Master and mentor. I don't know what the Master trials will encompass or where they may take me but I feel I am at a stage in my life that I am ready for this step.

No one knows where I am headed and I don't know how long I will be gone. Pistolwhip and a few others have taken over the fight against the Expurgium and I pray the Force is with them.

I have packed what I think I might need. I have packed light and hope I don't regret it. But I have the Force as my ally and my training in "mundane" skills to support me.

Time to leave.

Part 2:(Written while re-cooperating on board "The Hope")
I have returned and have not passed at this time though it sounds like he is putting my trials on pause. I am supposed to go back whenever I feel I have overcome my fear but I expressed my belief that a decision like that is not mine to make and that I will likely not return unless the Force believes I should return.

I realize now I am afraid of failing but this has awoken in me some intangible thing that I have needed. No more walking on eggs. I am a Jedi, whether only a Knight or raised to the position of Master. It is time for a new Dee'laan.

Part 3: Interesting mission. I thank the Force for my connection to it and my level of skill to be able to control the intrusion of outside influences.

Part 4: While doing my mediation today, the Force touched me with a vision. As soon as I can take leave, I will be going back to the Master.

I arrived back and our conversation started up where we left off. I will not go into details here but after a long talk, he passed me though he said through the Force he would be watching me for a while. I understand why. That is why, even though I could have a new kidney grown, I will leave my scars in place. Sometimes we need reminders even of painful events.

Now this little Master needs to get back to work.

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