Jedi Diary Entry 6

Entry #6 – A Nagging Thought

I find myself replaying ChiChi’s confession over and over in my head and something just doesn’t add up. And then it came to me. Why, really why did he give me up or any real being for that matter?

First, if it pained him that badly to renege on his promise to Jynx, then why do it? Again, if anyone had to be given up, I could not wish this on any other being. Plus he didn't seem to care that this hurt me, only that it hurt Jynx and him.

But it’s the second point that keeps bringing up the main question. He is one of the best con artists I have ever met. Why give up a real person, one that will cause hurt to the one he professed “owns his heart” when he could have made someone up. And that he told me he had to make up a story about Jabba in order to convince the torturer(s) that a Jawa really was a General in the Rebel Alliance…

And this is the person who told me that I was not trustworthy. And I did not throw this back in his face.

I will never bring this up to Jynx. This is between ChiChi and me. I am not angry but I do need to know WHY he did this. Because I don’t want to see this happen to anyone else and without knowing why, I or anyone else cannot prevent this from happening again.

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