Jedi Diary Entry 8

I find I have a choice to make. Either continue investigating the re-emergence of an old enemy or assist ADR to rescue his errant student Corbin Maxx. I really don't want to wait too long with my personal mission as the longer it takes, the greater foothold this group can gain. And they can cause all force sensitives great harm.

But I also made a promise to never leave anyone behind. From what little I have hear, Corbin got himself into this mess. Plus Corbin and I have a bit of a past with each other. Now I know why he grates on my nerves; his behaviour toward me reminds me of similar behaviour from the Jawa children who taunted and hurt me when I was sent to live with the other clan.

I must not let my personal feelings and emotions rule my decisions. I will not rush into first hand research but continue to gather additional information via the holonet. We can spend a bit more time to arrange our trip and our cover story. ADR will need assistance and I must help.

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