Jedi Diary Entry 9

Entry #9 – Creating a support structure

I have been spending some time studying various Jedi Force traditions after Fen piqued my curiosity with his information on the Corellian Jedi. And with the outcome of that one meeting with some of the other Force users, I realize at least one of us needs to place before the group, should we ever meet again, a proposition for some type of a support structure.

Finding the common threads in each of these traditions will help us to form a new group, maybe even the basis for a new Order. Unlike the Jedi Orders of old, this one will need to be small or at least be made up of small groups so as to not draw undue attention.

Looking from the outside back in at the temple template and after my experience on Tatooine, I can see why students were taken on at a young age. But studying the Corellian Jedi tradition, I also see the flaw, or should I call it a cheat, in the temple template in regards to this practice. If you teach abstinence from attachments, then you never have to teach how to deal with the loss of that to which you had the attachment.

And then there is the support of all your fellow kind, your fellow Jedi. When not out serving the Jedi Council and the Republic, Master and Padawan lived in the temple along with hundreds of other Jedi. There was always someone to turn to.

But now we are alone. Fear of recognition has sent many into hiding and not admitting to having the gift. I don’t think light side Force users of any tradition were meant to live totally alone.

Perhaps I can get the others to consider organizing a group along the lines of the Corellian Jedi. The code is still a major tenant but their clan/family type of foundation would give us the support I feel we each need. And the restraint of emotions is still taught but also how to deal with the strong emotions when loss does occur. Very, very few in our ranks come from a temple upbringing so the attachments that the temple Jedi so strongly fought to suppress are already in place. Better to organize a group that is prepared to deal with the inevitable than place our heads in the sand and harp on the person that they shouldn’t have formed an attachment in the first place.

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