Jedi Master Requirements

Once a PC becomes a Jedi Master they can take on a Padawan (another Player Character within Sparks). This Padawan can increase their Force skills up to 5D at a x1 cost. Typically in the past Jedi Knights would take on Padawans, but since the Jedi purge and hunt began, Jedi became more cautious about taking on new students.

  • The PC must be a Jedi Knight (have passed the Jedi trials).
  • The PC must request a judge to be appointed with player input by the Council of Elders to run them through the Jedi Master trials.
  • The selected trial judge will run the personal initiatives for the player. The first (and possible more) of these PIs will be to find a suitable Trainer. During these personal initiatives the judge will review character specific requirements with the PC for starting the Jedi Master trials. Once these character specific requirements are met, the PC and judge can run the Jedi Master trials as Seminar or Interactive personal initiatives.
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