Jeds Ship Sales

Location: Elbaz Station, Habitat Ring, outside B-Ward.
Available: Sparks 158: Memories of Elbaz Station.
Store Owner: Jed Siin
Description: The second you walk into this store, loud sirens blare and fanfare whirs. Display monitors come to life all around you in a blur of color and swirls. “WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME!” speakers squalk and the screens shift to show a Sullustan. “Welcome, to Jed’s (Slightly Used) Ship Sales and Service! Your walk is over, partner, when you come in here. And remember: we’ve got the ship for you, at any price!” The displays then turn to reflect fetching pictures of Jed’s current inventory. Jed’s catchphrase is plastered all over each page: “A Ship For Any Price!”

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