The Jenet are, by nearly all standars, ugly, quarrelsome bipeds with pale, pink skin, and red eyes. A sparse white fuzz covers their thin bodies, becoming quite thick and matted above their pointed ears, while long stiff wiskers — which twitch briskly when the Jenet speak — grow on both sides of their noses. Their lanky arms end in dexterous, long fingered hands with fully opposable thumbs.
Dexterity 2D/4D
Knowledge 1D+2/4D
Mechanical 1D/3D+2
Perception 2D/4D
Strength 1D/4D
Technical 1D/3D+1

Enhanced Memory: A Jenet that has at least 1D in any Knowledge skill automatically gains a +1D bonus to the use of that skill because of its memory.
Astrogation: Because Jenets can memorize coordinates and formulas, a Jenet with at least 1D in Astrogation gains a +1D to its roll.
Hearing: Jenets' advanced hearing gives them a bonus of +1D for Perception checks involving hearing.
Flexibility: Jenets can disjoint their limbs to fit through incredibly small openings.
Move: 12/15, 10/13 (Swimming)
Pip Cost: 3

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