Jet S Life

when i was young i always wanted to pilot like it was in my blood. when my family was killed by the empire looking for spies thats when i decided to drop the engineering school and go work for the rebellion. when i started i met omega who seemed a bit to "imperial" at the time, but he's slowly loosening up to be one heck of a marksman.i recently have met a very influential person master teacher techie general taylor castel who has started showing me all the good a tech is used for in the rebellion. i was even given a lesson from the queen of explosives jynxie, and for some chi-chi her husband has started calling me chuckles which i laugh at but accept. In the end all of this work and struggle must pay off. well it partly has i'm a co-owner of my own ship called the cinder block, which due to my financial standings omega has given me full command and control to do as i see fit to it.

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