Joseph Jet Pyron

CHARACTER NAME:joseph jet pyron (jet)

CHARACTER TYPE:outlaw tech

WEIGHT:78kg SEX: male
AGE: 27 SPECIES: human

preferred weapons- e-11 blaster rifle with renium and laser sight and scope, light repeater blaster rifle( only when required)

quotes-computer where?!!!
who can land a burning ship? Me that who
i can fix that
yes master teacher techie-preferring to general taylor castel
techie power!!!!!!

pet- a pikara graciously given by chi chi and jynxie -known as skull shocker

4 R-5 Astromech droids
1 Trade Federation Droid Starfighter
4 B1 Battle Droid

M3-A "Scyk" light interceptor
name-Mako Shark

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