Name: Mrs. Reon Vo-Zzingnut aka Jynx(ie)

Species: Human Female
Homeworld: Kalandis IV
Age: 27
Height: 5'4
Weight: 120lbs (without grenades)
Objective in Life: To be the best Rebel Terrorist she can be To Cure R.A.G.E Syndrome and kill it's creator….oh, and to one day blow up Dak.

Occupation: Rebel Special Forces Lt. Colonel and Demolitions Engineer (or expert/extrodinare), Dr. Jynx….and 'Mom' to a select few

Friends/Associates (those with a * means Jynx considers part of her disfunctional family. Those with a ++ are her close family)

++ChiChi Zzingnut: aka Squibums: 1 and ONLY wife to
*Sara Starsider :aka Sis: BFFL and 'adopted sister' (also fellow Nutbuster)
++"Dad": aka…unknown but to strict few
++Kas'Tor :aka "That big stupid Trandoshan" and also as 'Kas-tra' Tor' the 'Chasity Belt'
*T'Thock: may he rest in peace
*Talon: Former 'adopted big brother' and #1 pilot in her heart may he be at peace among the stars
Ferra Hound: Soul mate (concerning explosives)
*Darrik De'Louth: seemed to be some brotherly bond of some sort
++ Vandin Vronbeck: aka Double V or Blue: fellow toublemaker
++Taylor Castel: currently the only ranking officer Reon looks up to
Fred Slick: fellow gun bunny, first love (trying to get over)
*Choth Tamith: 1/2 owner of Dust Bunny and close friend
Stinky: aka 'DD': often worried about
++Darius Wade Slik: If Jynx is good at getting into trouble, then he's good at making it disappear
Dash Dorien: currently being deprogrammed after imps messed with mind: fellow demolitions engineer
*Kendil: Friend
*Chimera: Friend
*Snarf Narf Lug-Zzingnut: Adopted Squib daughter (mini Jynx)
*Sal Vage' Lug-Zzingnut: Adopted Squib-Togruta daughter(the mature younger one)
*Ari: Adopted Squib daughter(addicted to shinies)

Pets and Droids:

*EV-6D9 (or Eevie): Eevie seems to enjoy bossing around Jynx's other droids, as she is now the Head Droid In Charge on the Floating DustBunny. Jynx seems to place a lot of stock in this droid and since employing it on her ship the overall welfare of the rest of her mechanical crew members seems to have greatly improved.

*R2-F0 (or R2-FU as the top of the zero was scratched off): Good at finding the little surprises I leave behind, but unable to do anything about them. Has a fear of anything explosive, and is not fond of current mistress. Loves and cherishes the engines of The Floating Dustbunny. Communicates through holo-pics as well as binary.

*Frick & Frack: Twin polishing droids each topped with a My Little Taun Taun collectible. Seem to have a constant need to engage in battle with one another. Often known to cause unconvienient messes and duel to see who is better at cleaning up. Also known by owner to occassionally trip up guests by releasing ball bearings while in mid-stride.

*Stitch: A 21B medical droid recently aquired on a mission as salvage rights.

*My Little Angel: Doirdeka Destroyer Droid: Currently wears formal black tie around 'neck'. (Currently located on ChiChi's ship)

*Zzip & Zzap: Pikara, yellowish fur with black bands on spine. Known to cause an electric charge (Jynx's guess is from the constant friction going on between the two.) Currently wearing little bell collars.

*Dash: A scruffy looking black dog with a black spike collar and dogtag in the shape of a grenade. Very sweet and likes treats. Also enjoys napping, chasing Frick & Frack, and napping. Dislikes baths and Pikara.

*Stinky-Doo: Green monkey lizzard. Enjoys causing havoc and flinging poop. Last known wherabouts: 'Gifted' to Brig. Gen. Castel as thank you present for wonderful intel. Hasn't been smelled since.

Alliases: Pfeiffer McPhearson
Giacinta Johnson
Arelli Solitare
Bettie 'Bangcock'
The Artful Boomer (self-proclaimed)
Felicia O
Lily Kalandis
Major Flo Pau

*aka* Highborn Lady-Colonel Reon Vo-Zzingnut, Ambassador on Behalf of The Alliance To Restore The Republic, Superduperest Numero Uno and now only Wife of the Furry Fabio of Female Fantasies,
Mistress of Destruction, Shepardess of Lost Animals (and other strays), Forgiver of Transgressions, Empress of Ours (exiled), Pillager of Paradise, 'Mom', and Sexy Nymph of Loveā€¦


"Stun is for pussies!"
"But it'll look good on my resume'!"- considering blowing a crater in the face of a planet.
"Well…it's been swell, but the swelling's gone down."-said after discovering she would be the cellmate of a large Gamorean female.
"When I pull the pin on Mr. Grenade, he's still my friend…he just wants to make new friends is all!"
"Apparently the price of my love is $250,000 Imperial Credits"

Physical Description:

Kinda pale with a usually dirt smudged face…well, except for where the blast goggles have been. She has hazel eyes, dark hair with pink bangs pulled back from her face, and a peircing over her left bow. Jynxie can usually be seen wearing a black belly shirt and baggy black pants, a belt with tools and pack of gum,a micro flechette launcher at her right hip, and a bright pink blast vest she has personalized, including a squib jolly roger. She also wears what looks to be a grenade pin around her left finger, and cherishes it highly.
Oh yeah….she also happens to string various Imperial ensignia from her vest rather proudly (unless there happen to be Imps around) and is a conissure of fine crafted squib grenades (Modestly crafted by herself).

Other, not so common attire

*On a more recent note*
Though she does her best to hide it, Jynx is now the bearer of a nasty scar from her left clavicle down her breast to her naval. The top most portion of which, on her breast and shoulder, are most easily visible. Her Squib Husband is notably uncomfortable when the scar can be seen, as he was there when she got it. In addition to this she has also recently added a strange black symbol just barely covered up by the rise of her pants.


Born to Moff Dermont Vo and his senatorial wife Lita Vo, it was expected that their only daughter help pave the way to a better life. Reon was placed in the best schools and even served her mother as a senatorial aide in the hopes that some day she would marry into a better social standing and bring her parents along. Unfortunately the duties of an aide were far less attractive compared to some of the tales her father's companions had to tell of off world adventures. It wasn't long after hearing such tales that she began neglecting her duties in pursuit of a little excitement, much to the shock and disapproval of her mother. Finding there was little they could do about their fiesty daughter her parents turned to the Imperial Academy to teach a little discipline.

Reon couldn't have been more elated upon hearing the news and gladly left her boring homelife to pursue a career as an officer, unfortunately she was unaware of the responsibility such standing would carry. She rose to the top of her class in the field, however her lack of focus behind the desk threatened her dreams becoming reality. She did manage to work out a comprimise with a little "private tutoring" and was able to pass with flying colors…well, almost.

When it became apparent how Reon had passed her academic courses she fell under review. She would never know what the board would have decided in her case because after the removal of her favorite tutor, and a demotion from junior officer to cadet, she decided to blow up the head master's office…to the horror of her father.

Dermont Vo pulled every string he had in order to keep his daughter from jail, though in hindsight he wishes he hadn't. Expelled from the Imperial Academy with no chances of return she was issued the order of returning home to her father, but decided that wasn't going to be pretty. Missing Persons Report

Since then Reon has joined up with the Rebel Alliance (which has let her blow the hell out of things), and goes by the nick name Jynxie. Although it seemed a good idea at the time there are probably a few officers who reget the addition… but after hearing about her last demotion have probably decided it wiser to let her stay.


Rambuncious, off the wall, sort focused, and perhaps a little naive, Jynxie loves to live an exciting life even if that means setting off a few grenades in her own room now and again. She loves a man in uniform and loves to blow them away…literally.

Usually she has the best interests of her team mates in mind, especially those she has adventured with frequently and now thinks of as family (yeah it's pretty disfunctional). She honestly loves her Squib hubby even if he flirts with other ladies. However sometimes her love of explosives and shiny things gets the better of her, much to the annoyance and in some cases terror of others. Jynxie would gladly go above the call of duty for those she holds dear.

Has recently been observed by fellow opperatives in a more mature nature. Could things finally be begining to rub off?!

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